Friday, July 20, 2012


More traveling and more life changes have kept me quite busy as of late.  One of the biggest is that I moved into my very own place!  First a full time job and now my first time living alone?  I feel like I've aged five years this past year.

One of the joys (and/or frustrations) of a new place is figuring out what goes where.  It's coming along quite nicely and I've purchased a few things to help me settle in and make it my own.  I'll share more pictures when it's more together, but here are a few pieces to start.

(I had Etsy designer Wooden Creatives paint this gold and it turned out beautifully. I wanted this to add charm and make the space a place for celebration)

 (I loved this water color from Acrylics by Clare - colors were insane and it reminded me of home in Las Vegas and summers with my father in New Mexico)

(pulled the trigger on this 8x10 from 20x200 - it's an archival print from 1900 and reminds me of my trip to Paris.  The Luxembourg gardens was one of my favorite places).
(decided to opt for a storage ottoman over a coffee table to act as triple duty for storage, seating and tabletop - this one from Target was the perfect size and right price and holds all my extra blankets, sheets and towels).

(needed a tray for the ottoman top and have been coveting these from West Elm.  I was lucky to snag one in turquoise in one of the stores, which is lucky because that color is no longer available online.  I also bought a silver one for my dry bar).
(and not needed, but couldn't resist buying this little bracelet from Brinkle on Etsy - their stuff is great and I've been wanting one for a while).