Friday, October 19, 2012

Pop Up Shop: Warby Parker

I love a good pop up store.  They're always clever in design, fun surprises await and great content for a brand.  When Puma opened Puma City during the Volvo Ocean Race in Boston, I practically lived there for the two weeks it existed.  And you know I loved the nomadic museum. So when my coworker Clare told me about the pop up store for Warby Parker called "Class Trip" in Faneuil Hall, we hurried over for a visit.  For 6 months, this school bus turned store is hitting the road for people to try on all their frames, get measured for the right fit and there's even a photo booth.  I chatted with one of the marketing girls and the Warby Parker employees traveling around with the bus range from sales associates to the PR team to social media marketers for the brand.  Very cool.  And they are great glasses and shades!  I splurged on a pair of sunglasses.  Check out our little visit!

The shop will be in Boston until Sunday, so check it out if you're in town!

Monday, September 24, 2012

end of summer video round-up

Here a few videos I loved from this past summer that kind of stayed with me.  Enjoy!

(a video for Rue Magazine by Modshift, featuring their Gap styling - fun fun fun!)

(The Les Miserables Extended First Look - such a great behind-the-scenes piece that gave me chills on how they filmed the flick; especially geeked out on this as I used to be a behind-the-scenes producer for feature films)

I can't embed this last one, but totally worth it - A tale of two cities by Tony Miotto based on Vahram Muratyan’s brilliant Paris vs. New York illustrations

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

videos: crafting

I love making things and I so often wish I had the time or patience to pursue more craft.  I respect and admire people who can hand make beautiful things.  Here are a few videos I love as of late on some hand crafters.  Beautiful stories, beautifully told, making beautiful things.

(surfboard shaper Tim Stamps from Huntington Beach)

(Whiskey Stones, shot by Hillary Spera, who was the DP on my Puma films)

(Made By Hand, the Beekeeper)

Monday, August 13, 2012

on the road: Iceland, Copenhagen & Sweden

For my big, visit-a-new-country-every-year trip, I off and went to Scandinavia and visited THREE new countries with my dear friend Lisa.  I've been wanting to see that part of the world for a while and it turns out Lisa has some family in Sweden and also wanted to travel there, so it was perfection.  We had a couple whirlwind days in Iceland and Copenhagen respectively, and then traveled to Sweden for a week for midsummer, the first few days in Stockholm and the rest out in the country.  It never got dark - never.  A lot of beautiful sights, warm people and unforgettable memories.  Here are some photos.

 (church on top of the hill in Reykjavik)

 (horseback riding through a volcano field)

 (├×ingvellir National Park - home of the world's largest glacial lake and where North America and Europe meet)

(Lupin field)

 (beautiful falls)

(blue lagoon)

(sunset - at 11:56pm, and then the sun comes right back up)

 (goodnight and goodbye, Reykjavik)

 (Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen)

 (down by the waterfront)

 (Little Mermaid statue)

 (Gamla Stan, the old part of Stockholm)

 (Drottningholm Palace, the summer palace for Swedish royalty)

 (any place I go, I always want to visit the food market)

 (The Vasa Museum)

 (Cathedral out in Uppsala)

 (old viking stone)

 (the house we stayed at for midsummer in Leksand - yeah)

 (making midsummer crowns with Lisa's cousin)

 (I wore mine all day)

 (traditional midsummer feast - lots of pickled fish, vegetables, cheese and flatbread)

 (during midsummer, you sing and drink snaps)

 (another midsummer party, in a barn, no less!)

 (midsummer processional)

 (raising of the maypole.  It's the largest midsummer maypole rising, and it's massive - it took over an hour and several men to raise it!)

 (dancing around the maypole)

 (gathering flowers for the neighborhood maypole)

 (our amazing hosts)

 (dala horse museum, which this region and Sweden are famous for)

 (Anders Zorn's home)

(Carl Larrson's home)

Friday, July 20, 2012


More traveling and more life changes have kept me quite busy as of late.  One of the biggest is that I moved into my very own place!  First a full time job and now my first time living alone?  I feel like I've aged five years this past year.

One of the joys (and/or frustrations) of a new place is figuring out what goes where.  It's coming along quite nicely and I've purchased a few things to help me settle in and make it my own.  I'll share more pictures when it's more together, but here are a few pieces to start.

(I had Etsy designer Wooden Creatives paint this gold and it turned out beautifully. I wanted this to add charm and make the space a place for celebration)

 (I loved this water color from Acrylics by Clare - colors were insane and it reminded me of home in Las Vegas and summers with my father in New Mexico)

(pulled the trigger on this 8x10 from 20x200 - it's an archival print from 1900 and reminds me of my trip to Paris.  The Luxembourg gardens was one of my favorite places).
(decided to opt for a storage ottoman over a coffee table to act as triple duty for storage, seating and tabletop - this one from Target was the perfect size and right price and holds all my extra blankets, sheets and towels).

(needed a tray for the ottoman top and have been coveting these from West Elm.  I was lucky to snag one in turquoise in one of the stores, which is lucky because that color is no longer available online.  I also bought a silver one for my dry bar).
(and not needed, but couldn't resist buying this little bracelet from Brinkle on Etsy - their stuff is great and I've been wanting one for a while).