Thursday, September 30, 2010

love navy & pink

My friend Kristina saw this and said it reminded her of me.  Who me?  Spot on.  Love the combo.

*Image courtesy of Dooby Design Group

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

digging subway tile

 (metro stop in Paris; image courtesy of metropolitan tile)

I went to yet another establishment that had subway tile - this time in their bakery and bathroom (Akasha in Culver City, CA).  Cool and white, perfect for any kitchen or bathroom or any space.  I feel like I'm noticing it used everywhere these days.  Kind of makes me miss Paris.  Loving it and want it STAT - or rather, when I have a house.

 (the bakery at Akasha)

 (a lovely kitchen from house and home, via elements of style)

 (another LA restaurant, Church and State; tile peaking over on our right via the gastronomnom)

(bathroom from This Old House)

Monday, September 27, 2010

happy list: trying new things

This past weekend, my dad and I took a spin with stand up paddle.  I loved it!  Felt like I was soaring on top of the ocean.  Can't wait to go again.  I love trying new things!

Friday, September 24, 2010

devil in details.

Just purchased an antique stamp set from nothing elegant on Etsy.  This is a first attempt at being more crafty and being the devil in details, hoping it welcomes new ideas and creativity everyday.  My roommate laughed at me. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

table top inspiration.

My Pottery Barn catalog came yesterday; perfect timing with fall on my mind!  I couldn't help but gush over their perfectly set tables.  I simply enjoy a well set table.  If you're having people for dinner, it really sets the mood.  And while I deplored setting the table as a child, now I look at table setting as something creative.  Really, it's an art.

(fresh flowers are always lovely and I love hand written baby menus)

(great dishes, great color, great details at Jamie Meares from ISuwannee's shop, Furbish)

(obsessed with making pop art of your friends in place of place cards - doubles as a gift! a Coco+Kelly idea)

(Pottery Barn Fall 2010 catalog fav & inspiration for prethanksgiving at the Berkeley Penthouse 2010)

Now, I can't stop thinking about ideas for how we'll set our table (er, in two months).  We have about 30 people to a SIT DOWN potluck, with passed food, so that means extraneous stuff takes quite a backseat and makes it more of a challenge so we can make sure to fit everything and everyone.  Check out pics from previous years.

(fall leaves, baby votive candles, cranberries and flowers)
(still leaves, flowers and cranberries; names written on plates to determine place)

Already collecting ideas.  Love putting names on wine glasses as a place card.  We could do something similar.

 Another Pottery Barn inspiration -

(cutting out leaves and putting them and a pencil in a flute and have everyone write what they are thankful for.  Cute and functional!)

Any ideas to set a beautiful table without taking up too much space? 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

channeling the southwest?

Why do I want this scarf from Silvia66's shop on Etsy?

And why can't I stop thinking about how to fit this rug into the Berkeley Penthouse from Ikea?

And why do I keep telling myself I do not need to visit Boot Barn the next time I go home to Las Vegas?

It's got to be the same part of me that dresses like I could jump on a horse any second in the fall.  Or my impending trips home to the west...

first christmas gift idea.

I buy my Christmas gifts ridiculously early, so that I can enjoy the season without worrying about the shopping; I'm normally done by thanksgiving.  And I've found my first one!  I don't know for whom yet, but Silhouette Blue, designer of my personal stationary, has darling calendars that would delight anyone.  At $18 and 5x8 on a satin ribbon, it's perfect for anyone's kitchen or workspace.  Maybe I'll even get one for myself.

happy first day of fall.

Does that mean I can go gourd shopping yet?  Since my roommate and I decided to buy funky gourds last year, I now can't wait to pick out this year's selection.  But, can't get them too early - they must last until our annual Pre-Thanksgiving Party we host every year for our friends.  Maybe just one baby gourd to tie me over?

(Wilson Farm, our favorite farmstand for gourds and other goods)

(last year's selection)

Other fall activities I am dreaming about, include...

(apple picking.  happening next month on an amazing day trip I will report back about...)

(pumpkin food.  Like curried pumpkin soup from Picco, pumpkin beers and pumpkin pie.)

(fall sports.  Whether it's cheering for BU Hockey at the home opener, strolling to catch a glimpse of The Head of the Charles Regatta or just sitting around watching football & eating dip with friends)

(thanksgiving.  It's my favorite holiday - good food with loved ones.  What's not to love?)

(my birthday.  I mean, I think I enjoy it.  I do love birthdays...)

Note: I refuse to put Halloween on here.  While I must admit, I often have a fun evening, the anxiety of putting a costume together often overtakes me.  Also, I am not a fan of holidays that dictate I have fun.  I have fun all the time and it's too much pressure.

Monday, September 20, 2010

McKenzie-Childs in wonderland.

With tea sets on my mind and noticing the Neiman-Marcus by my house had some McKenzie-Childs pottery in one of their windows, I was instantly taken back to my preteen years where my step-mother and I were obsessed with her aesthetic and all decor was inspired by McKenzie-Childs.  Bold colors paired with checked pattern and beaded details wherever they fit made you feel like you were at a mad tea party with Alice in Wonderland.  We successfully found a painting that was in a similar style and also a nightstand, among other things (I say similar style because you are dreaming if you think you could file this stuff under "affordable."  Knock-offs, baby!).  I still think the company puts out some beautiful and unique pottery and furniture and while I'm not ready to have a house full of their wares, a checkered teapot would be nice...

Friday, September 17, 2010

autumn is around the corner

We're in that transition period, where you have to wear a jacket on your way to work, but find yourself shedding layers as the day goes on.  I already see jackets, boots and scarves.  This weekend marks the official end of summer.  How will you spend it?  While I am sad to see the magic of summer go, I am excited for football with friends, apple picking, leaf peeping, cider and all things pumpkin. 

*Images courtest of weheartit, Tommy Hilfiger, Shelter, Little Blue Deer and coco+kelly

happy list: turquoise

I don't care if it's out of season.  It's my favorite and I think it's so lovely, whether as an accent or dominating a room.

(That last photo is our roommate's (of Please Welcome Your Judges) reaction when our other roommate and author of Bubbles&Banjos painted an accent wall in our kitchen - priceless)

*Images courtesy of Martha Stewart (x2), Bippity Boppity Boo, Amy Osaba, ISuwannee, & Bubbles&Banjos