Monday, September 30, 2013

slow down & sweater weather

Fall is starting to feel very much underway.  I'm heading back home today after five weeks of nonstop travel- it will be nice to sleep in my own bed again tonight.  The trip has been fabulous and I can't help but think about how lucky I am to have a job that allows me to visit such great place, meet such wonderful people and tell such beautiful stories; but, it'll also be nice to be back home and into my old routine.  Besides- as my friend Michael says, no one does fall like Lady New England.  I'm looking forward to the trees changing here, pints of pumpkin beer after work and drinking warm tea during walks along the river during the slow down time of sweater weather.  I always say it's also the perfect time for self reflection, reexamining how you want your life to look and shifting perspective.  We'll see what else the coming months hold.

Friday, September 27, 2013

on the road: Colorado Springs & Aspen

I had such a wonderful week in Colorado.  This was the perfect time of year for me to visit.  I'm not a huge fan of snow, but fall is my jam and the leaves were just starting to turn and the weather was perfect.  My first stop was Colorado Springs, CO.  I hadn't been here since I was 13 (my father went to the Air Force Academy, which is there and he took me once), so again, wasn't sure what to expect.  I actually spent a lot of this shoot indoors, but I managed to get out and eat one great meal and visit one great spot.  

First, I ate at this place called the Ivywild School.  It's a sort of food co-op space with different eating areas in an old elementary school that just opened up this year.  There are also live music performances, local art on the walls and a bi-weekly farmer's market.  It was a neat and unique idea and I really enjoyed the space (although someone on the crew said, "I feel like we're in Brooklyn.").


 (meat area, in the school's old cafeteria)

(the bar was aptly named "The Principal's Office." I enjoyed the paddles on the cabinets)

I also heard Garden of the Gods was a can't miss spot.  We drove by one evening and after that, I knew I had to go back the next morning for a run - it was truly something to marvel at and highly recommend it myself!

(this rock is called Kissing Camels - see?)

And in case you're wondering, I do work on these trips!  Just can't show you a ton of photos, but the light during one of the interview set ups here was so good, I'll give you a sneak peak. 

When my time in CO Springs came to a close, I had to drive to Aspen.  It's about a four hour drive and you go through the famous Independence Pass, which is a huge mountain you drive up and back down; it can get scary (especially when you're driving by yourself and it starts to downpour....).  This actually might have been my favorite part of my whole CO trip.  I really felt like I was driving through the heart of America - up rocky mountains, into wide open prairies and through multi-colored forests.  I passed by some signage gems - "Chapper's Wild Game Processing" and "Cowboy Church Here Sundays 10am" and "You and your horse could sleep here tonight!"  I even saw an elk buck by the side of the road - just hanging out, looking out over the plain with his tan, black and white coat and huge antlers, looking so majestic that I actually found myself whispering "wow" under my breath.  And the Aspen trees had turned such a vibrant shade of gold - I hadn't ever seen anything like it.  It was such a wonderful drive. As I was by myself, I couldn't take a lot of pictures, but managed to snap a few out the window and pulled over to get some better ones.

Oh, and did I mention the rental car on this trip?  A huge F150 4x4 truck.  Yeah.

Finally in Aspen, I wasn't so sure about it at first.  One of the first things I noticed was a huge Dior store, next to Prada.  Sure, I knew it was bougie, but this looked like the mountainous Rodeo.  But the more I spent time there, the more I got into it and the more I fell in love with it.  Like Lake Placid, the people were amazing - friendly and happy to be alive.

 (moon over Aspen)

 (Otis, the dog of the owner at Aspen Brewing Company)

(barbeque dinner at Hickory House)

And there are so many mountains in one area, it's hard not to constantly whip your head around to just LOOK.  I was staying in Snowmass and managed to take a work break to walk up the mountain.  I was all alone and it was so quiet and clear, again, I found myself whispering "wow."

I also had a little time on my last day, so I snuck over to Maroon Bells, which I heard is the most photographed mountain range in the U.S.  It was just so beautiful.  Again, we lucked out with the weather and I really kept saying out loud "it's just so beautiful here!"  I was so glad to make it over.

All in all, a wonderful week.  I'm definitely starting to feel very tired (and have a bit of a cold), but I can't really complain and have truly enjoyed myself.  One more stop - back to Park City!

(hope to see you again, Aspen)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

on the road: Lake Placid

Yes, it's true - I'm still traveling about the country! But I had just a moment to update before heading out again.  Last week took me to Lake Placid.  I had no idea what to expect as I haven't ever been to the Adirondacks or really ever thought about going there, but oh, I loved it so.  Not only was it just so beautiful, but I really vibed with the people.  Everyone was so nice and happy - must be all of that fresh air.  It was a short trip, but a good one.

 (view from the top of the bobsled track at the Olympic Sports Complex - look at the ski jump!)

 (my coworker during filming)

(the bobsled course is huge - and it's only a :60 ride for the athletes)

 (there were a bunch of old bobsleds...)

 (...I had to get in one)

(Lake Placid Craft Brewing: the local brew.  I loved it here. The beer was good, the people were friendly and it was a no frills, super fun place. We brought a couple growlers home for our coworkers)

Friday, September 13, 2013

on the road: San Antonio, TX

I wrapped up the long leg of this travel with a few days in San Antonio.  It was HOT, but I enjoyed prickly pear margaritas, drives through the country while singing the theme from Friday Night Lights in my head and spending time with some amazing people (you'll see when you see the videos).

(hit the rental car jackpot when I was upgraded to this red mustang convertible)

 (can't you hear the Dillon Panthers cheering?)

 (my cousin from Houston always talks about how she loves "big sky"; I do, too)

 (Mike let me take his photo in this tobacco field- I think it looks like it could be a music album cover)

 (fearless DP)

(more dog friends - Penny & Iris!)

(kept up my running and ran by some cool stuff - including the Alamo!)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

on the road: Park City/Salt Lake City

(trail run in Park City)

I spent eight days in Utah, the first few in Park City and the rest in Salt Lake City (and I'll be back to Park City again at the end of the trip!).  I hadn't ever been the Park City before and honestly, it kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies.  Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely lovely and beautiful, but Main Street kind of looked like something Walt Disney would have built, like when they were making it they said, "let's build this like an old mining town!" It didn't feel authentic, but I still really enjoyed it.  We also got to visit the Utah Olympic Park, built for the 2002 Salt Lake City games.  I HIGHLY recommend visiting that place if you ever get there.  Not only were the views beautiful, but the place is rad - we went ziplining!

(Main Street in Park City, taken from the roof of the No Name Saloon)

 (ski jumps - to the left if the big zipline!)

 (view from the Park)

 (our fearless crew - they are amazing)

(top of the jump - we ziplined down from here)

(another dog on set - say hi to Cooper!)

Onto Salt Lake City...we got to visit another Olympic place - the Utah Olympic Oval, which was where all the skating took place.  There is so much beauty in Utah, it was nice to shoot some stuff outside (and I've also been very good with my running, which is always a great way to explore some city and nature).

 (another dog on set - Milo!)

 (we needed to do some filming on ice and our grip had this sled dolly - genius!)

 (my trusty travel companion and coworker Mike - I always have to take one obligatory model shot of him)

 (beautiful location - I had to get one artsy shot)
(the whole gang!)

 (got in a few local brews - cheers, Utah!)