Tuesday, May 31, 2011

give it to me

Must. Have. Isola. Snakeskin. Bootie.


paper lanterns

Saw Hangover 2 this weekend and there is this lovely scene where everyone sends off paper lanterns into the air, like this:

I've always loved paper lanterns - they evoke a sense of wonder.  I wish I had a garden to hang some from... If you do, 'tis the season for them!

*images courtesy of we heart it, green wedding shoes & simply photo

Friday, May 27, 2011

happy official start to summer

It's here, it's here!  My most favorite and the most magical time of the year - SUMMER!  After this brutal winter, we Bostonians absolutely need it.  It's 80 degrees outside and I'm excited for a lovely weekend - kick it off with al fresco drinks, run a half marathon (no big) and hit the beach.  Utter perfection.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

happy birthday hiker in heels

Guess what I realized this week?  It's been a year since my first post when I started this silly little blog.  Thanks for following me along my daily inspirations and occassional adventures.  It's always strange for me to measure my years.  I've lived in Boston for three years and three months, which seems like an awfully long time.  Friends have changed, but the few that matter have stuck by my side through thick and thin.  The apartment I live in is truly my home.  I've held more contracts than I could begin to count, dated more men than I'd like to admit and am lucky that the good times tip the scales over the bad.  And yet, the adventures seem to continue.  So until they stop, I'll continue to write about them and continue to be inspired. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

more small space love

I've really fallen in love with small spaces and the challenge to make them just right.  Apartment Therapy seems to share this love, as they've posted some stellar pics of small spaces over the past couple of months.  Here are some favorites to inspire - sometimes it's ok to think little.

 (great headboard/storage/divider)

 (nice peek-a-boo office with a whole lotta storage)

 (don't you love this makeshift living room in the hallway?  feels like a chic hotel room)

 (great little set up in a very small nyc apt)

(another great small working space in an awkward corner)

(love the bookcase behind the bed and the innovative use of space)

(who need a kitchen table?  I spy an awesome ikea bar that works and looks great)

Monday, May 16, 2011

screen inspiration: mildred pierce

Over the weekend, I finally finished the HBO mini series event, MILDRED PIERCE.  The story of a complicated relationship between a mother and daughter during depression-era California has many dark twists and turns and is a great story.  Here's the trailer:

As Kate Winslet said in an interview, there was nothing mini about it.  Five parts, approximately an hour each, were shot over a 16 week period.  It takes about 10 weeks to make a movie, longer for a period piece.  This was like shooting two and a half movies.  And it was incredible.  Kate Winslet is a favorite of mine and I think no one else could have played this part as well.  And the sets and costuming (by the legendary Ann Roth) made the whole thing truly spectacular.  I can't say enough about the costuming and production design.

One thing that struck me when doing the research was how much inspiration the crew got out of photographer Saul Leiter.  Leiter liked to use windows and reflective surfaces to capture image and the inspiration of his work is clearly seen throughout this series.  The crew even normally used the term "Leiter-y" to define a shot.

Look at a couple shots from the series:

And now some great photos from Saul Leiter:

Isn't it fantastic when we inspire each other?

Check out the series on HBO on demand before it goes away!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

one hill

Pretty photo project by Chicago based photographer/filmographer Paul Octavious. He shoots images and videos from one hill, like this great video on the kite festival.

Kite Hill from Paul Octavious on Vimeo.

To me, his images evoke wonder with a bit of melancholy - like it's a fairyland...

Monday, May 9, 2011

toot toot

Have to toot my own horn and show you this video I recently directed and edited for BostInnovation.com. They're Cinco de Mayo party was a blast and hopefully you get that from this video.

derby day!

 A tradition amongst my group of friends, we love dressing up for the Kentucky Derby and going to some day party.  This year was no different, complete with dollar bets on our favorite horses.  Alas, I was not the winner, but we still donned some fabulous hats, drank mint juleps and had a grand time.

Friday, May 6, 2011

on the road: atlanta

A little late to the game, I wanted to post my adventures in Atlanta for my adult spring break!  Braves game, music festival, good food and new friends.  It was nonstop fun (and exhausting).  I think the pictures speak for themselves.

 (Sara and I at the Braves game)

 (Inman Park Festival)

 (music performers in the street)

 (the fearless three)

 (we take our hosts to brunch)

 (group shot, hanging in the park)

(king of pops, an atlanta staple)