Thursday, May 8, 2014

blank on blank

My brother sent me a video of an old Gene Wilder interview because he knows how much I love Gene Wilder. The interview had been animated and I thought it was such a delight.

At the end, I saw I could click to watch more animated interviews and saw one on John Updike. He lived near my grandmother and I grew up seeing him around town, a local celebrity, of course, so I clicked his:

Then I saw one from the dazzling Grace Kelly:

It's a whole series from Blank on Blank (which broadcasts old interviews of historical icons) and in conjunction with PBS Digital Studios, they animated some of them. The interviews have been given new life, yet retain their integrity and grit. So charming.  Watch more here.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

content break: intel

I just saw this video from Intel (even though it has over 2 million views - have I been living under a stupid rock?) and was so moved. The director was tasked with doing a 2 minute profile on him and the result was way more thoughtful and moving than just that. Take a look: