Wednesday, March 19, 2014

content & travel: Bali

I've been dreaming about going to Bali for years.  Not in an Eat, Pray, Love kind of a way, but more in an Exotic, Serene, Beautiful kind of way. My father used to go to Bali for work when we were kids and he would bring us home the most curious treasures (I still have a quirky paper stick puppet I think is so cool) and there were always tales from people in California going there to surf.

And while I am going on an incredible trip in less than two weeks now (stay tuned for those adventures!), I can't help but thinking about stowing away to Bali, especially when two cool things that relate to Bali popped on my radar already this week.

The first is this video my boss sent me, which we both really enjoyed, about building bamboo cities in Bali. Not only was it well done in tone, pace and story, but it just made me want to go see this structures! Check it out:

The other cool thing I saw was this great coworking space, Hubud, which gets it's name from "Hub in Ubud." Expats from all over the world come to work here and I have been thinking about it all day - wouldn't it be great to take some time, not off, but to work in such a different environment? Imagine the creativity that could pour out...  Check out their video:

Monday, March 17, 2014

on the road: SXSW

PHEW.  I returned from SXSW a week ago and only now feel like I've recovered. It was my first time and I went during the film and interactive portion.  Why you ask? To do some learning from some killer presenters and because... we had a film premier there! Yes, my team made a film called THE HOME TEAM for one of our client's last year and we decided to submit it to SXSW and it was selected.  We were very excited and I was excited to attend.  Check out the trailer:

But boy, was I exhausted.  There are so many things happening that you're racing around from one event to the next and you're not really sleeping much and there's so much to do and it's just GO GO GO.  But it was a great time, the film was received well (we didn't win, but oh well), I met some great new friends and caught up with old ones, and I even snuck in some awesome barbecue.  Here's some fun shots from the trip:

 (a friend was part of the Game of Thrones exhibit, so Mike and I snuck in on the first day and I had to pretend to be Joffrey. Mike doesn't watch the show, but I think he got it).

 (really fun beer garden over on Rainey St. It's been two years since I've been to Austin and this whole neighborhood has been built up).

 (damn I miss Jo's breakfast tacos...)

 (THE HOME TEAM team - well, those of us that were in Austin - at the premiere)

 (director's Q&A at our short doc screening)

 (oh hey, our poster out in Austin!)

 (a great NPR #Storied event we got invited to)

 (incredible barbecue at La Barbecue...take me back)

(Silicon Valley screening and Q&A with creators and cast - it was hilarious)