Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tuesdays with...one of Boston's best chefs

I have had the pleasure of meeting famed Boston chef Lydia Shire twice.  The first was in passing when I was having a drink with my friend Maureen at Clio and she came in to chat up the bartender and servers. I noticed her ease and comfort and she seemed to just feel so at home.  I thought Boston was my town, but really, it's Lydia's.  My friend introduced us and she was quite warm.  The second time was at a Yelp Elite event at her restaurant Scampo at the Liberty Hotel, where I proceeded to gourge myself on all her brilliant food - Scampo is one of my most favorite restaurants in the whole city and is always a crowd pleaser.  The flavors are magnificent and I've never had a better steak tartare.  One would expect no less with titles Ms. Shire has earned like "America's Best Chef - Northeast," "Who's Who of Food & Beverage," "One of America's Top Ten Chefs" reported by Food & Wine Magazine and "One of America's Top Five Chefs" aknowledged by The James Beard Foundation.  She eventually took over famed Locke-Ober (which had once prohibited women in its dining room) to rave reviews before opening Scampo.  Now, Ms. Shire seems to be at it again opening Towne Stove & Spirits this July on Boylston Street, adjacent to the Prudential Center, with Jasper White.  Can't wait to get fancy and enjoy some tasty delights!

(Scampo's outdoor summer patio)
(one of the banquet rooms at Locke-Ober - such elegance!)
(Yvonne's Library at Locke-Ober)
(My friend Tatsu took some shots at a Towne preview event)
(excited to put one of these lobster popovers in my mouth soon!)

 *images courtesy of Scampo, Locke-Ober and Tatsu Ikeda

inspired by Iceland

Iceland is on this crazy viral campaign and it's brilliant.  Their "Inspired by Iceland" website and video, paired with ads on almost every web page I read is really getting a buzz and gaining ground.  And you know what?  It's working.  I can't stop dreaming about Iceland and all the friendly people I could meet, simple beauties waiting to be encountered, gorgeous wonders to be seen and perfect days to be had.  It seems like it could be a different and beautiful trip and I want it.  And with the low prices right now, I can't help but think...why not?
Planning to book next month...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Want: puzzle pieces coffee table

Friday, June 25, 2010

happy list: morning coffee before work with a good friend

That simple activity makes the rest of the day feel better and complete and like you can do anything.

*Image courtesy of LHDumes

"if music be the food of love then play on"

When I go out on a date, I often ask said man to tell me his top 5 albums of all time, and warn him I will probably judge him, so choose wisely.  I judge my own top 5 on three categories: if it makes me happy, if it tends to be on repeat and if it invokes strong memories (what can I say?  I'm sometimes into nostalgia).  Sure, this can change from time to time, but I've come up with some solid albums (in no particular order) if you want to check them out (plus some honorable mentions I had a hard time throwing on the rejected pile).
(The Format: Interventions & Lullubies.  Discovered in college, so it reminds me of those blissful times.  Also a 10 on the happiness level.  Every song is a great tune.)
(The Postal Service: Give up.  The year this came out was one of the best in my life and it reminds me of summer nights driving around with good friends in Maine.  And naturally, it makes me happy and gets me pumped.)
(The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You.  Featured on my weekly profiling post & filled with simplicity and emotion.  They also put on a show like no other group.)
(Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers.  The self titled album is still my favorite, although I listen to all of them often.  Complete happiness and their music helped me get through some rough times.)
(Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: So Far.  Such a wonderful album and reminds me of being with my mother.)

honorable mentions: 
-Garden State: Music From the Motion Picture
-Ryan Montbleau: Patience on a Friday
-Maroon 5: Songs About Jane
-Jason Mraz: Waiting for My Rocket to Come
-The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
-Jack Johnson: Brushfire Fairytales
-Eric Hutchinson: Sounds Like This
-Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift
-Ben Folds Live
-The Hush Sound: Like Vines
-Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend

Thursday, June 24, 2010

follow me to Ted Baker...?

Ted Baker moved in from the UK on Newbury Street this past year where my roommate and I proceeded to do some serious damage for our spring wardrobe.  Much to my fashionable delight and financial dismay, I got an email saying there sale is about to happen at the Boston store and might I like to come to their invite only presale?  Curses, Ted Baker!  I am trying to save money!  Yet your beautiful store with fairly decently priced fashionable couture draws me in!  What's a girl to do...?
(scene of the crime)
(my roommate purchased this number and looks KILLER in it.  it looks like it was made for her)
(any girl would look darling in this cocktail tuxedo skirt)
(perfect little spring or fall jacket)
(fab print)
(how fun is this?)
(I could take this tank anywhere)
(another roommate to die for purchase)
(i tried this skirt on 3 times...must resist...)

Tuesdays with...a local photographer*

I first met local photographer Dominick Reuter when I was in college through some friends.  I'll admit, my first impression of him was, "who invited the cute boy to the party and someone better introduce him to me quick."  But, overtime as I got to know him, I came to appreciate his passion for the world around him and hunger to document time and emotion.  He was vital in my own inspiration to rebrand the college soap opera I was producing, overhauling our own image of the characters for the new season marketing by becoming our resident still photographer.   Now, Dominick works for Boston University, working in the photolab and photographing hockey games and events for the school.  But that's just his day job.  Dom is a storyteller and believes in the power of photography, from documentary photojournalism, weddings, portraits, multimedia and action sports.  Below are a few of my favorites, but check out his website.

(from a trip to Uganda)
(construction workers in Manhattan)
(go BU!)
(naturally I am drawn to this sailing shot)
(Dom's lovely girlfriend Leah in a fallen tree in Rhode Island)

*Yes, I know it's Thursday, but I have been tres busy with work and life!
*Images courtesy of Reuter Photography & Brooks Canaday

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fins Up!

Jimmy Buffett rolled into Massachusetts this past weekend and with it, all the crazy parrotheads.  Have you ever been to a Jimmy Buffett concert?  I had never before and let me tell you - it's a complete circus and so much fun.  There are games, fan fare and characters galore - we even saw a bus turned into a pirate ship!  But let me tell you about some of the outfits that came out to play.  As inspired by Jamie Meares's Bonnaroo Stylez post over at ISuwanne, I bring you some attempted fashion in the heat:
(how cute are these board shorts?)
(love the silk screen detail on this tank)
(this bikini top is perfect as is the outfit this gal rocked)
(her shirt says "hot mess"!  and the ice cream is melting! get it?!)
(check out a couple of the sun hats filled with beachy tchotchkes)

(and let's not forget the mens that pulled out the stops)
(loved this lobster ski shot. he's a mainer, naturally!)
(I found Capt. Jack Sparrow!)
(and the bad.  seriously, allow me this moment to be catty and just say - wtf)
(all in all, a lovely day, taking a small vacation to Margaritaville)

happy longest day of the year!

Get outside and enjoy that extra sun. I spent last summer working on the set of GROWN UPS with my good friends at Happy Madison, which is where this picture was taken on our last day at the house. Go see it this Friday!