Thursday, April 4, 2013

on the road: san fransisco adult spring break

Every spring, I like to take a domestic trip somewhere as my own version of a spring break - who says adults can't have one, too?  I had a family reunion in the San Fransisco area Easter weekend, so thought I'd just take the whole week! 

Some friends and I spent my first weekend there camping on the Sonoma coast at a place called Salt Point.  After a hard and long Boston winter, it was great to just be OUTSIDE and have some sun.  On the way back, we also had a lovely lunch at this place that had fresh crab sandwiches and a jazz trio right on the water - it was glorious and we hung there for hours.

Back in San Fransisco, I had a slow and relaxing week full of walking, yoga, coffee, reading, museums and all around chilling.

The other cool thing I did was get my tin type portrait done at Photobooth in the Mission.  It's traditional 19th century portraits actually shot on a metal plate.  I am normally a behind-the-camera kind of girl, so I was a little nervous, but the photographer, Kari, was so sweet and great and she even let me go into the dark room with her to see the process. 

A little intense for me... but Kari said she liked it - I look skeptical of the camera, which I am.

All in all, a lovely, slow-down trip, which is just what I needed.