Monday, February 28, 2011

tell the world that I'm going home

 (perhaps hiking in red rock this weekend)

Are you shocked?  I've barely been here in Boston at my own home for a full week in the last three months, but sometimes, life is unexpected and I found out today I am not working the rest of the week, so taking advantage of the time to be with family.  Fear not, I have some posts for you and will be back in Boston on Sunday, hopefully for a while.


This past weekend in NY, I was fortunate enough to see the Broadway musical, MEMPHIS.  I can't even begin to describe the show's beauty.  A radio DJ wants to take the underground sounds of Beale Street to the masses while a singer just wants her big break.  But 1950s Memphis doesn't take too kindly to the duo with racial tensions at an all time high.  By intermission, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.  The emotion of the show filled the Shubert Theater and the energy was nonstop.  The music and costumes just added to the art.  If you are in NY and have a chance, GO.  You won't be disappointed.

Friday, February 25, 2011

another weekend away

Guess to where?  Seeing my aunts and cousin for a weekend away.  Excited to drink champagne, talk about life, be with family & see Memphis!  Hope you have a weekend filled with the little things.

dream in spring

I need a more dresses like a hole in the head, but I can't help but dream about spring dresses.  I'm sick of my coat and wool socks.  Come, spring.

(lilly pulitzer shauna dress)

(red robin dress by emerson made)

(j.crew's crazy back ordered maritime dress)

surprising find

I mean, I didn't find it.  But my dear friend Ali was wearing this awesome top the other night and when she told me Talbots, yes, I balked, too.  But Ms. Ali is a buyer for Talbots, so one employee discount later and I now have one, too.  Already received several compliments at work.  Get it here

Thursday, February 24, 2011

dog art by linda culp at gifted

I popped into Gifted on a walk around my neighborhood over the weekend.  If you're not in the know, Gifted is a great little gift shop in Boston's South End that stocks wares made from local artists (and stupid cute baby items).  I loved prints of different dog breeds by Linda Culp and low and behold you can get them online (look under "Pet Gifts")!  I don't see a Rhodesian Ridgeback like my Sophia on the website, but I did see one in the store and almost bought it.  If you can't check out the store, you can check out the prints online and the rest of the awesome stuff from Gifted.

yarn bombers

I've been itching to pick up knitting needles again and I love this article about gals in the South End "yarn bombing."  These graffiti knitters work includes wrapping colorful rectangles of knitting around lampposts, hanging mittens from trees, snaking a knit flower vine around a bike rack and tagging a dog park fence with knitted bugs.  I just make scarves.  Read more here

Monday, February 21, 2011

on the road: Nicaragua

I was so happy and excited to visit my sister Thayer in Nicaragua for a few too short days.  She's a Peace Corps volunteer and aside from a hiccup that cut my trip by a night and a half day, it was perfect.  Because of said hiccup, we redid our itinerary and stayed in Granada the entire time and made day trips to near by spots.

When I first arrived in Managua, Thayer was right there at the airport and navigated us to a cab.  I could see right away the ease in which she moved in a country so foreign to our own.  I was simply hot as the sun radiated on us.  We went back to the hotel she was staying in (she was in the capital for a routine medical check up) and picked up her friend and fellow volunteer, Katie.  The three of us walked to get some lunch and I inquired about Katie's experience as a Nicaraguan.

(Katie & Thayer walking in Managua)

After lunch, we said goodbye for now to Katie and Thayer and I grabbed a bus to Granada, an hour away.  We checked into our hotel, which was lovely and in an old Colonel mansion.  We sat by the pool and planned our itinerary for the rest of the trip.

(Hotel Spa Granada courtyard)

(tour guide Thayer)

Later that night, we met up with another volunteer Sonia and her father for dinner.  We walked around the main square a bit.  Granada was having a poetry festival that weekend and there was a concert we watched for a bit before having a beer at one of the spots on what Thayer calls "Gringo Alley."

 (poetry festival "rock" concert)

("gringo alley")

The next day, Thayer and I grabbed a shuttle to Laguna de Apollo.  On the way there, I fell in love with the driver's dog, Lyka.  As with any other Latin American country, there are dogs everywhere and of course you can't pet them, so Lyka fulfilled that need.  When we got there, we went to this hostel on the lake and spent the afternoon swimming, reading, sleeping and the like.  Thayer and I got sandwiches in Granada, so we got a beer from the hostel and had lunch on the dock.  It was a sublime day.
 (Laguna de Apollo)

(The Monkey Hut - hostel at the Lagoon)


When we got back, Thayer and I did some walking around to explore a bit.  I loved the colonial style of some of the buildings.  Granada is one of the few cities with its architecture in tact despite it's very long civil war. 

Later, we went to Luis's house for dinner.  Luis is a Peace Corps volunteer whose site is Granada and he was having a bunch of volunteers over to cook.  We had a great time just sitting outside and talking.  Then we went back to gringo alley for one final drink before calling it a night.

The next day, Thayer and I got up to do a canopy tour at the Volcano Mombato.  It was a ton of fun and a great way to see the jungle.  You could hear all the birds and howler monkeys (and we even saw one).
(Volcano Mombato)

After we got back, Thayer and I walked down to Lago Granada.  The poor thing is so dirty, but it was a nice walk and cool to look back at the city.

Then it was time for lunch, showers and a nap.  After, we went to one of the churches on top of the bell tower - it really was beautiful.

Then it was out for a night of fun and dancing with the rest of the volunteers left in town.  We hopped around until we settled on a salsa club to dance the night away.  It was really a great way to spend the last night.

(Katie & Sonia get it started)

The next day only left time to pack, eat breakfast, catch a bus back to Managua and go straight to the airport.  A bit of a teary goodbye to my sister was the worst, but I'm so glad I went.  Nicaragua is still trying to find its identity, but is a proud and beautiful country with friendly people.  A too short trip, indeed.