Wednesday, May 26, 2010

summer skin

When summer came around in my younger years, I practically lived in my bathing suit, whether it was hitting the beach in SoCal with my family or spending my summers teaching swimming every day on Alford Lake in Maine.  With warm weather finally here, I can't help but think about summer's best fashion (also, a seriously hot Blake Lively on the cover of Vogue this month looking seriously stunning made me think about hot hot summer swimwear).
I purchased this top this season from Ralph Lauren Rugby, but not the bottoms (I opted instead for a white, wide banded bottom bought elsewear).  Don't you think it's perfect for trips to the cape?
I thought the color paired with a bit of zebra print from Victoria's Secret was tres chic!  RAWR!
 My actual secret is Merrilee's Swimwear, which is now available online (and the aforementioned white bottoms I bought were from here)!  I love this pool tie dyed number with matching bottoms.
Sorry, J.Crew, but I am not really digging your swim line this season.  However, I do love this print and your suits always fit fabulously.
And summer wouldn't be complete without the surfer girl in me jonesing for something Roxy.  Hm, looks a bit tie dyed, too...guess I know what I would purchase next!


Laguna Beach is full of artists (not dramatic, immature girls; thank you for that, MTV), so it only makes sense that there are countless gorgeous homes.  The architects here are truly artists - architecturists.  They invent shapes, mix mediums, have an eye for material and color and understand the energy a space can make.  I could fill this post with numerous pictures of some show stoppers, but I only had time to take a few during my trip home.  Guess you'll have to venture there to see for yourself!  I think they are truly unique, beautiful and breath taking - what do you think?
 (This house is actually three stories, but you can only see the top because it is built into the mountainside.)

(How cool is the grass driveway?)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

happy list: dogs

In particular, a very special Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sofia.

Tuesdays father

It's no secret that I find inspiration every day, but it's mostly by the people I meet.  Stop by every Tuesday to meet someone new and wonderful.

I chose my father first, not only because he is so great (and every girl's dad is their hero), but the man is so dapper!  He always looks great, whether relaxed or in a suit.  Sure, he's charming as all get out, but I think his secret lies in his snappy dressing.  Everyone says girls measure men by their father.  Well, it's hard for me to find one better dressed.  Men, start taking notes.
(At a birthday party, in a cashmere checked coat, no less)

(Vineyard tour in a tartan scarf and anorak coat - the man can even pull a hat off!)

(My father is always giving toasts and acknowledging people.  Also, he has quite a collection of handsome suits and ties.)
(The world traveler, always very good at blending in with the appropriate attire.  Here, he is on an African Safari, of course!)

(Even totally casual on a Sunday beach walk and the man can coordinate.)

(Relaxing with our dog, Sofia.  Me: "Dad, I like that belt.  Where did you get it?"  Dad: "Utah.  It's made from alligator."  Naturally!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

wino dreams and realities

My dad's wine closet is divine.  And while I dream of the shelf of Rambauer Chardonnay and the rest of the vino treasures it holds, I know in my 20s I have to be conservative.  Still, I know what I like, and that includes not breaking the bank.  There are some delicious finds to be had for under $10, so go ahead and fill your glass up to the brim with these favorites.

($4.99 - Epicuro: a great red wine find by my roommate)

 ($6.99 - Red Truck: a no-fuss red that is smooth and delicious)
 (Clos du Bois - $8.99: a classic cabernet sauvignon)
 (Lambrusco - $3.99: Sparkling wine, perfect for a party and a summer day...)
(The Barefoot Savignon Blanc - $3.99: an every day favorite in my house)
(Honey Moon Viognier - $5.99: another damn fine savignon blanc)
(Besides...there's always 2 or 3 Buck Chuck, perfect for large quantities of sangria for summer parties)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

good morning

one part seabreeze 
two part sunshine

beacon hill garden tour

While I missed this year's Beacon Hill Garden Tour (May 20), I was able to attend with my Grandmum last year.  We had a lovely time wandering through the neighborhood, traveling from garden to garden as she pointed out homes various family members used to live in, running into family friends, catching glimpses inside some fabulous homes and ending our day with lunch at the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America Boston office (of which my Grandmum is a long standing member).  There's something so whimsical and peaceful about Beacon Hill - it's just so lovely!  Some pictures from 2009 for your enjoyment.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

on repeat: leave your boyfriends behind

Leona Naess's "Leave Your Boyfriends Behind" is really speaking to me these days.  It makes me sad and happy at the same time.  Still, it reminds me no matter how old I get, I can still go out and have a fabulous time with great friends and be silly (and according to the music video, attend fabulous hipster parties!).

So let's go out late, drink a lot, stay up past 8 and then dance, dance all night, leave your boyfriends behind.

It's ok, Leona.  None of us are ready.

Thank you Cougar Town season finale for introducing me to such a great song.  If you're not watching this show, Busy Phillips will tell you why you're missing out.

*And thanks to my friend Brian for sending me the song AND Busy's interview!

Friday, May 21, 2010

a peek inside my abode.

My Grandmum tells me this wonderful story about when she was in Boston Junior League, they had a home tour and afterward, some of them were sitting around with the menfolk, and one of the women said, "Well, I thought her bedroom looked like a whore's boudoir!"  Imagine, Beacon Hill socialites in the 1950s talking about such things!  One of the men said, "Imagine, you ladies knowing what a whore's bedroom looks like."  It's one of my favorite stories.

Well, I don't know what that has to do with anything, except I'm giving you a peek inside my life a bit.  My room is nautical, filled with books and makes me feel at peace.
(I think the gallery above my bed is a little out of control, but I love it just the same.  It's filled with prints from my travels and old family photos)

 (I got this AWESOME chair from  Who cares if my roommate has the same one?)

(Oh, hello seashells from all over, french print nautical catch-all from Tuvalu Home in Laguna Beach, West Elm natural wood tissue holder, Pottery Barn pocket watch clock, a mug my sister brought me from Ecuador and a candle from my trip to Paris.  I love nightstands.  And don't judge me for my lobster pillow cases.)

(My surfboard has shamefully been used more as decor than sports equipment since moving from California.  More books, an inspirational board and a poster from a bluegrass show I went to at the Rhyman Auditorium in Nashville two summers ago.)

(Not in the boudoir, but a taste of the rest of my home - hallway console table.  The corral is another Tuvalu Home piece from my father and step-mother as a Christmas gift, a framed shot of my father and sister walking our dog at sunset in Laguna Beach, another Ecuadorian gift from my sister a la the dish that holds my keys, a small, ceramic disk from a local Laguna Beach artist, silver box with my initials from my Grandmum from high school graduation, an Anthropologie candle and classic books designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith; not pictured is my new Alice in Wonderland added!  Oh and the actual table is from an East Asian furniture dealer on La Brea in Los Angeles, bought on sale, ah thank you!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

happy list: lobsters

as food.  as fashion.  as fascination.  give it to me.

*photos courtesy of Simon Goldenberg, LLBean & Amazon