Tuesday, May 17, 2011

more small space love

I've really fallen in love with small spaces and the challenge to make them just right.  Apartment Therapy seems to share this love, as they've posted some stellar pics of small spaces over the past couple of months.  Here are some favorites to inspire - sometimes it's ok to think little.

 (great headboard/storage/divider)

 (nice peek-a-boo office with a whole lotta storage)

 (don't you love this makeshift living room in the hallway?  feels like a chic hotel room)

 (great little set up in a very small nyc apt)

(another great small working space in an awkward corner)

(love the bookcase behind the bed and the innovative use of space)

(who need a kitchen table?  I spy an awesome ikea bar that works and looks great)


  1. Love the hallway one! I haven't been keeping up on my AT reading. So many unique apartments!