Tuesday, January 31, 2012

thoughts of home.

Hey, have you joined Pinterest like the rest of the planet?  Then follow me here!  I'm cataloging images from art to inspiration, parties to gift ideas, personal style to travel and of course, home decor.  I've been storing a hodgepodge of images on my computer otherwise, so thought I'd throw them up here just like I would before my pinterest board.  Don't worry - you'll still get doses of inspiration here at Hiker in Heels.

 (how cool are these striped floors? rustic meets sophisticated)

 (want - crazy cutout screen)

 (small space, endless possibility)

 (I hope I have the guts someday to paint hardwood floors white)

 (yes please)

(homey, perfect kitchen)

(I like my bedrooms airy, but my offices to be bold - rawr!)

 (great bookcase, equestrian inspired)

(nicely styled bar w/killer lamps)

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