Thursday, July 18, 2013

california girl

I spent the very long weekend of the 4th in my hometown of Laguna Beach, CA (yes, I have two hometowns - the other is Las Vegas, NV).  Let me tell you how my schedule went: get up, drink a cappuccino and read, get changed and go to the beach, alternate between stand up paddling boarding (SUPing) and reading, go home, shower, hang with my parents and a glass of wine on our patio, dinner, read in bed, go to sleep.  It's a simple life and a good one and I appreciate it more and more as I get older every time I go home.  Here are some photos:

 (some SUPers taking a break from our paddle and chilling out)

 (walking on the pier down at Main Beach)

(my dog Sophia with her little nose out the window. Don't you think she looks like such a princess?)

 (it was a little cloudy, but that never stops the surfers down at Oak Street)

(my dad asked my to hold his cigar while we got the dog in the car and my step mom thought it was funny enough to take this pic. She sent it to me in a text that said "Wild Woman!")

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