Monday, August 5, 2013

etsy content kills it

Etsy content lately (well, for a while now) is killing it.  Everyday, one of my favorite emails to open is their Etsy Finds email.  Etsy search can sometimes be overwhelming, but it helps me discover new shops and cool finds to keep track of (or sometimes dangerously, buy instantly).  Look at some stuff from today's email:

You can sign up for their daily email over on

And the Etsy blog is so cool, too, with DIY tutorials and featured shops, cool videos and even recipes.  I also like the feature "Quit Your Day Job" about people that do Etsy full time, not because I'm looking to do that, but because I love hearing stories about how people with a passion turned it full time and hearing how they did that.  Check out two of the latest, Little Dog Vintage & Julie Ann Art:

 (Claire Ferrante of Little Dog Vintage in front of her killer Vermont farmhouse)

 (Julie Ann of Julie Ann Art)

There are communities and labs and events and forums, oh my!  Keep it up, Etsy.

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  1. I am usual incredibly overwhelmed by the world of Etsy... definitely signing up for the Finds newsletter (and the Etsy Dudes one!).