Wednesday, February 5, 2014

great content in 2013 and looking forward to 2014

I saw this great roundup of the best branded content of 2013from Digiday. I always post my favorite stuff for you here (see Whole Foods' Dark Rye, American Express's Passion Project, and J.Crew on Film), but I saw this film from cycling retailer Rapha from the article that I loved. The visuals and look & feel were spot on and it was a great experience piece of their brand.

Rapha Gentlemen's Race: Adelaide from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Although, I realized I never posted about one of my other favorite pieces of content: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I remembered this during their quick and quirky Superbowl commercial. The concept is exactly what you think it is, hosted by Jerry Seinfeld and sponsored by Acura.  They run a quick preroll commercial before diving into the content and it's a great way for a brand to get somewhere in a space people already love-- comedy (check out the Chris Rock one, my favorite).

Even Coca-Cola is joining the trend of beautiful content about their brand when they scrapped their corporate website, hired some journalists and started Coca-Cola Journey (read about that here).

I started in content two and a half years ago and pretty much used to explain it to people by saying "you know how Redbull makes films and such not about Redbull? That's what I do."  Now, more and more people are understanding content and not only do they want it, they know they need it - the numbers are pouring in on how creating content that doesn't interrupt people's lives, but creates films, experiences and websites in which their consumers seek them out is a much more positive and successful form of advertising.

And while I still use my Redbull analogy, I use it less and less as more great content emerges.  I'm looking forward to seeing content continue to grow and in the different ways it manifests itself (and what I'm most interested - how it makes a difference). 

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