Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Moth storySLAM winning story

I've recently taken a shining to story slams. I started to attend a bunch and instantly fell in love with the rawness everyday people shared with absolute strangers. One evening, I was heading to a local Moth storySLAM here in Boston when I found myself making bullets in my head of a story a would tell based on that night's topic: school. I took this as a sign and decided I would throw my hat in the ring; why not. See, these events sell out every week and they only pick 10 names out of a hat to tell stories during the show. Only when I signed up, sure I would never get picked, I did! And even more so, I got the high score that night and was declared the winner.  Here's that story:

It was absolutely terrifying, but felt right (at the risk of sounding like a total ass). So, now I'm on the hunt to continue to do more storytelling events and explore what might come from it.  I do know that from this, I will go on to compete at a grandSLAM against other winners. Yikes! We'll see what happens next in this story...

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