Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ashes and snow.

I believe in the power of awe and the simple act of marveling.  In unsteady times, I try to remain focused, stay balanced and keep it simple.  My contract for my job ends in less than 4 weeks and whenever it's time for me to find my next contract, I start to get that unsteady feeling and don't want to lose my footing when it comes to joy and passion - I must stay focused.  My successes and gifts are not measured by what I do and I am always on the hunt for something that excites me.  I have people who love me, a trip to always look forward to and prayer to comfort, help and remind me.  That's a lot more than most people can say.

I also believe in the power of inspiration and what it can do to change your world and view of it.  Four years ago, I went to an exhibit by artist Gregory Colbert at the Santa Monica Pier when I was living in Los Angeles.  The exhibit was called Ashes and Snow and was in a "nomadic museum," which would travel to different ports all over the world - Venice, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City.  The actual space was fantastic, but oh, the work.  Photos that would stop you in your tracks and films that would draw you in.  The work was all about the relationship humans have to animals and it was profound and moving.  Enough talking - just look:

Four years later, I still think about that exhibit and how moving I thought it was.  The space was made of shipping cargo and had wooden walkways.  You would walk along one row where the photos were suspended and lit.  And at the end of each one, was one of Mr. Colbert's films.

I must remember to take those moments to stop and wonder at the world around me and give thanks to live in beauty, whether it be my actual surroundings or the people in my life that make it so.

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  1. Absolutely stunningly gorgeous.

    I love that in the video his voice goes from the left speaker to the right speaker and then finally to the middle.