Friday, April 22, 2011

hats galore

Here ye, here ye: there are THREE occasions for fabulous spring hats in the next two weeks: Easter, The Royal Wedding & The Kentucky Derby.  While I don't particularly look good in hats, I still think it's fun form of self expression one time a year.  At what other time are feather & silk flower monstrosities on top of your head are en vogue?  And while this year I spotted a gorgeous turquoise number in a local shop that would be perfect, sometimes these hats can run a little pricey... ($200-$300 pricey). 

So I scoured etsy to bring you some more affordable options to go with your bourbon for all those lovely parties.  Cheers!

(fuchsia fascinator cocktail hat, $65)

(yellow top hat, $45)

(if you're really against hats, this peony clip is a lovely option, $20)

*Kentucky Derby Hats picture courtesy of Chateau & Bungalow


  1. That 'Proud as a Peacock' hat is AMAZING!

  2. I am attending an English wedding in a few weeks. Feel free to pick a hat out for me.