Wednesday, May 26, 2010

summer skin

When summer came around in my younger years, I practically lived in my bathing suit, whether it was hitting the beach in SoCal with my family or spending my summers teaching swimming every day on Alford Lake in Maine.  With warm weather finally here, I can't help but think about summer's best fashion (also, a seriously hot Blake Lively on the cover of Vogue this month looking seriously stunning made me think about hot hot summer swimwear).
I purchased this top this season from Ralph Lauren Rugby, but not the bottoms (I opted instead for a white, wide banded bottom bought elsewear).  Don't you think it's perfect for trips to the cape?
I thought the color paired with a bit of zebra print from Victoria's Secret was tres chic!  RAWR!
 My actual secret is Merrilee's Swimwear, which is now available online (and the aforementioned white bottoms I bought were from here)!  I love this pool tie dyed number with matching bottoms.
Sorry, J.Crew, but I am not really digging your swim line this season.  However, I do love this print and your suits always fit fabulously.
And summer wouldn't be complete without the surfer girl in me jonesing for something Roxy.  Hm, looks a bit tie dyed, too...guess I know what I would purchase next!

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  1. You KNOW I love that Ralph Lauren top. And Blake Lively looks gorgeous in those pics!