Monday, May 24, 2010

wino dreams and realities

My dad's wine closet is divine.  And while I dream of the shelf of Rambauer Chardonnay and the rest of the vino treasures it holds, I know in my 20s I have to be conservative.  Still, I know what I like, and that includes not breaking the bank.  There are some delicious finds to be had for under $10, so go ahead and fill your glass up to the brim with these favorites.

($4.99 - Epicuro: a great red wine find by my roommate)

 ($6.99 - Red Truck: a no-fuss red that is smooth and delicious)
 (Clos du Bois - $8.99: a classic cabernet sauvignon)
 (Lambrusco - $3.99: Sparkling wine, perfect for a party and a summer day...)
(The Barefoot Savignon Blanc - $3.99: an every day favorite in my house)
(Honey Moon Viognier - $5.99: another damn fine savignon blanc)
(Besides...there's always 2 or 3 Buck Chuck, perfect for large quantities of sangria for summer parties)

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