Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesdays with...my father

It's no secret that I find inspiration every day, but it's mostly by the people I meet.  Stop by every Tuesday to meet someone new and wonderful.

I chose my father first, not only because he is so great (and every girl's dad is their hero), but the man is so dapper!  He always looks great, whether relaxed or in a suit.  Sure, he's charming as all get out, but I think his secret lies in his snappy dressing.  Everyone says girls measure men by their father.  Well, it's hard for me to find one better dressed.  Men, start taking notes.
(At a birthday party, in a cashmere checked coat, no less)

(Vineyard tour in a tartan scarf and anorak coat - the man can even pull a hat off!)

(My father is always giving toasts and acknowledging people.  Also, he has quite a collection of handsome suits and ties.)
(The world traveler, always very good at blending in with the appropriate attire.  Here, he is on an African Safari, of course!)

(Even totally casual on a Sunday beach walk and the man can coordinate.)

(Relaxing with our dog, Sofia.  Me: "Dad, I like that belt.  Where did you get it?"  Dad: "Utah.  It's made from alligator."  Naturally!)

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  1. That first picture is one of my absolute favorites of dad.