Friday, August 27, 2010

another property mystery

Almost over night, a small parking lot on the corner of Clarendon and Lawrence in the South End became a fabulous new piece of property.  Even on google maps it still says it's a parking lot. 
 (from this...)

Yet now I imagine a lovely couple built their dream home on this tiny piece of property and it looks smart and terribly chic.
(to this! Ta da!)
(front entrance on Lawrence)
(Lawrence, a lovely South End ally street)

What a brilliant idea!  Take a seemingly nothing property and build the lovely two story single family home of your dreams in Boston's hippest neighborhood (if I do say so myself, and I do).  I am envious.  I know home ownership isn't for me right now, but man, do I love a good home!  

But who lives here?  Who made this dream into a reality?  Get on the case, friends.  I'm dying to get inside!


  1. I say we knock on the front door with a bottle of wine and become their best friends.

  2. Definitely a gay couple.