Friday, December 3, 2010

terrarium love

I love terrariums and succulents (the succulent in my house is one of the few plants that have lasted over a month).  And terrariums are cool, full of wonder and a great gift for the holidays when you're covered in snow and need a little more greenery in your life.  Bonus, easy to keep alive for the H2O challenged like myself.  Here are some of my favorites on Etsy.

 (jar & light bulb terrariums from MossTerrariums)

 (a DIY kit or simple dome, both by teresab123 - best terrariums on etsy, if you ask me)

(if you like succulents, too, I like this one - Through The Looking Glass by TheSucculentGarden)

(another DIY, but this one is perfect for the holidays!  moss ornament kit by stinkygirlcrafts)

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  1. Loving the "Through the Looking Glass" succulent!