Friday, October 1, 2010

books never go out of style

I have a confession - I can't get into kindles or reading books on iPads or anything of the sorts.  As someone who wishes to be more like a computer nerd, this is one area where change and me just have to disagree.  I like the feeling of the pages, being able to underline and write in the margins in case I want to go back and remember something, loaning or giving books to friends because I want to share a secret with them.  I love books - the tangible kind.  And I think having books in your home is special - there are your interests, sitting there, reminding you about the things you love in life. 

So, where to put them?  For me, it's a bookshelf.  Jamie Meares over at ISuwannee sent me this picture a long time ago for inspiration while I was trying to figure out how to arrange my ladder bookshelves.

(girlfriend KNOWS her bookshelves)

This was what I came up with for my room:
(not bad; books, memories and my framed inspirational quote in the middle)

Other things I like:
(framed art on top)

(window sill pop)

(unexpected places)

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