Monday, October 11, 2010

happy list: lists

My sister did a post on this the other day where she listed little known facts about her and I thought it was too cute and inspiring.  So, you can take a little more of a look inside my world...

25 Things You Don't (Or, Maybe You Do) Know About Me

1. I used to devour books at an alarming rate as a child (a couple a day); because of this, I've read every Boxcar Children book.

2. When I am hungover at church, I like to think God thinks it's funny.

3. I am so mad at myself that I stopped dancing.  

4. My legs are often covered in bruises - 90% of the time, I have no idea where they came from.

5. Demi Moore once gave me the best beauty/medical advice I've ever received - she told me to buy arnicare gel to help my bruises heal faster. 

6. I don't like running, but I do love it.

7. I look exactly like both of my parents - try to figure that one out.

8. I was a pole vaulter in high school.

9. I make friends easily, but I don't think I easily keep them.

10. I'm dying to go to Iceland and I have no idea where that came from.

11. I am intimidated by blond and Asian women.  Steep competition.

12. I like popcorn far more than any human should.

13. I killed more hamsters as a child than I'm comfortable admitting.

14. I am a volunteer rape crisis counselor and am constantly awed by others that do this work, too.

15. If it doesn't come easily to me, I don't really like doing it.

16. I wish I had the type of brain for medicine, computer engineering or something super brainy, but I was never good at science or math.

17. I always ask for exceptions or try to figure out a better way of doing things.  My mother tells me it's because I don't think the rules apply to me.  She's probably right.  She often is.

18. I can crochet and knit.

19. I have a gift for time management and am so glad I do.

20. I love birthdays because they celebrate life and that's worth celebrating.

21. I was on an improv team in high school.

22. I used to have a speech impediment as a child - I couldn't properly pronounce "S" sounds.

23. I always sing in the car, regardless of passengers or not.

24. I always greet dogs on the street; I rarely acknowledge their owners.

25. I love lists.

*Images courtesy of bippity, boppity, boo, we heart it & kykywoodwood

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