Friday, October 8, 2010

Fashion Risks

I think it's important to take a fashion risk every now and again.  Get creative!  Spice up your look!  You might surprise yourself on how you feel.  Last spring I purchased a silk flower to wear on Derby Day, but I ended up wearing it a la Emerson Made over the summer and got so many comments.

Today I decided to wear shorts with tights and boots - not a typical look, but not unheard of.  And you know what?  I think I'm pulling.  It.  Off.  Just ask Kate Moss.

Next, I'm not normally one for bold jungle prints, but I have a beautiful leopard print scarf I don't want to be afraid to wear more often (but probably not as often as Nicole Ritchie).

I didn't forget about the mens.  My favorite fashion risk a man can make is a bold pop of color, like this NY guy from The Satorialist.

Another fun risk I like for the fellas?  Going uber classic country club, like they could in this Brooks Brothers sweater.   It's like Don Draper has a tennis match!

Go ahead and put on that piece you've been too afraid to wear.  We're all so worried about how we look, we probably won't even notice what you're wearing. 

What fashion risks have you taken lately?

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