Wednesday, October 20, 2010

an ode to notebooks

I am a meticulous time manager and am successful at work because of bound pieces of paper - notebooks.  I can keep a calendar, make lists, write notes, keep thoughts and I'm not sure how I would keep my life straight without being able to write my life down on paper.  I always have at least two on me.

(my moleskine calendar is my go-to old faithful; calendar on the left, space for other stuff on the right)

(my production coordinator gave me this Rite in the Rain notebook when I was working on MALL COP.  There was a lot of rain and these kept me straight even when I got wet - brilliant!)

(Sliced bread notebooks via Selectism)
 (Field Notes for your everyday life)

(love this visual notebook with a simple AM on the left and PM on the right from Muji via the improvised life)

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