Thursday, November 11, 2010

boston spot: taza chocolate factory

I had no idea there was a chocolate factory in town until Yelp Boston put on an event with an exclusive tour.  Taza Chocolate is awesome.  It's made in a classic Mexican style, good for shaving off to make it into a drink or to just pop it in your mouth.  This isn't your classic milk chocolate (in fact, they don't make their's with milk).  This is chocolate in its purest form, along with some cool flavorings (I walked away with a spicy chocolate - yum!).  The tour was pretty cool, too.  It's only one of maybe four chocolate factories you can tour in the country and one of the founders himself led us through it all.  I even learned a thing or two about chocolate.  Take a tour and check out their super cute shop on your way out.

1 comment:

  1. Lesson #1 from Taza: Raw cacao beans are disgusting and taste like mulch.

    Lesson #2 from Taza: Their chocolate covered cashews are insanely good.