Monday, November 15, 2010

on the road: austin

This past weekend, my little brother and I had the chance to visit our cousin in Austin.  I really love it there and was happy to go back for a getaway and also so Brother could see if he might like to go to school there.  Right off the bat, my cousin took me to one of the city's famous food trucks.  I felt so Bourdain, enjoying my gourmet sandwich from a tin trailer.

Aside from playing with my cousin's super cute baby, Pilar...

And eating delicious Mexican food all weekend...

We toured the UT campus for Evan to check out.  It was quite nice and again, I thought about how great going to school there might be if someone where to offer me a free MBA.

 (future Horn fan?)

The big weekend adventure was tailgating at the Texas vs. OK State game.  My college football tailgating experience is the occasional Boston College game where there are limited spots on the field and you tailgate two hours before and two hours after.  This was that, only on steroids.  First of all, everyone sets up the night before.

Second of all, our group started at 11am - for a 7pm game.  There was a massive spread of food, a big tent for cover, tons of different kinds of drinks, a hooked up flat screen and enough burnt orange to burn your eyes.  

 (crazy fan bus!)

I couldn't but help get into the spirit to purchase my very own Texas shirt at the Co-Op.  We had a blast - thank you to my cousin Arch!
(Stuart Family love!)

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  1. Love the family portrait - talk about great genetics, huh?!