Tuesday, September 7, 2010

perfect end to summer

I love summer.  I love Maine.  These are not shocking statements.

I had a perfect labor day weekend to close out this fantastic summer.  Friday I went to the movies.  Saturday I went for a long run, lazed about, volunteered, went to the Red Sox v. White Sox game and then hit a bar for a drink after (where the bartender comped my 1/2 dozen oysters!).  Sunday, I went THE MAINE.  I met up with my dear friend Lauren, brother Nathan and sister-in-law Shannon.  Lauren's family was hosting us for the weekend and I made it just in time for boating day!
 (the dock - all aboard!)

We hopped aboard "Dee Lite Ful" and started cruising around Casco Bay.  While sitting up top, enjoying sangria, I looked out over the water and was in simple heaven.  It even smelled like Maine.  We caught a mooring just off an island: Chebeague Island.  It's in the lower left hand corner of this map:
 (image courtesy of LLBean, of course)

Then a small boat picked us up to bring us to the dock.  The first thing you see is The Chebeague Island Inn on top of the hill.  It's so pretty and quaint inside.  I saw a couple drinking red wine and playing scrabble by the fire - how cute is that?
 (view from the Inn's deck)

After enjoying a Bar Harbor blueberry beer and an amazing cheeseburger on the Inn's deck over looking the water, we decided to go island exploring.  Some took off on bikes and I went on foot.
(look at Lauren go!)

As I was strolling along, I loved looking at all the island houses (shocker).  They seemed so lovely and full of secrets.  Summer getaways and local homes that have been in the family for years.  How did people come here?  I was instantly brought back to a manuscript my great aunt had written about an island my family used to summer on in Maine.  This was a little more developed, but I started imaging stories about families that lived here and their island lives.
(I noticed these lights in front of several homes - perhaps they used to be street lamps?)

We found a beach and strolled along, looking for sea glass and being silly.  It was beautiful.

We went back to the dock, back to the boat and then back to the house to play some bocce ball and enjoy some great lobster and steamers.

Did I promise you a perfect end to summer or what?  It's been great - already looking forward to next summer.  It's funny to think how much can change in 4 seasons...


  1. happen upon this site- we spend the summers on Chebeague & so glad you got to experience the magic of it!

  2. Glad you liked the post! It was magical, indeed.