Monday, September 20, 2010

McKenzie-Childs in wonderland.

With tea sets on my mind and noticing the Neiman-Marcus by my house had some McKenzie-Childs pottery in one of their windows, I was instantly taken back to my preteen years where my step-mother and I were obsessed with her aesthetic and all decor was inspired by McKenzie-Childs.  Bold colors paired with checked pattern and beaded details wherever they fit made you feel like you were at a mad tea party with Alice in Wonderland.  We successfully found a painting that was in a similar style and also a nightstand, among other things (I say similar style because you are dreaming if you think you could file this stuff under "affordable."  Knock-offs, baby!).  I still think the company puts out some beautiful and unique pottery and furniture and while I'm not ready to have a house full of their wares, a checkered teapot would be nice...

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