Thursday, September 2, 2010

lawrence street architect mystery - part II

It's no doubt that I love architecture and design.  I peak into windows for ideas and love house tours where I create stories in my head about the people that live there.  You remember our great search for who lives in my favorite piece of Boston property and the sleuthing skills of my brother was able to find out and dig up some photos?  Well, a neighbor of mine saw this post and knows real estate and pointed me to the right direction (thanks, Dave!).  He sent me a link to a forum where people discuss South End construction and it seems architects and residents have some choice words to say.  I still like it.  The link I've provided is where the house is first mentioned.  There is a lot of talk about the white detailing and how it doesn't fit into the neighborhood, until one user posted a collage of buildings with white detailing.  I thought it was stunning (and it shut them up):

Oh, and it is a local couple - he's an architect and she's an interior designer.  Time to make friends!

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