Wednesday, September 22, 2010

happy first day of fall.

Does that mean I can go gourd shopping yet?  Since my roommate and I decided to buy funky gourds last year, I now can't wait to pick out this year's selection.  But, can't get them too early - they must last until our annual Pre-Thanksgiving Party we host every year for our friends.  Maybe just one baby gourd to tie me over?

(Wilson Farm, our favorite farmstand for gourds and other goods)

(last year's selection)

Other fall activities I am dreaming about, include...

(apple picking.  happening next month on an amazing day trip I will report back about...)

(pumpkin food.  Like curried pumpkin soup from Picco, pumpkin beers and pumpkin pie.)

(fall sports.  Whether it's cheering for BU Hockey at the home opener, strolling to catch a glimpse of The Head of the Charles Regatta or just sitting around watching football & eating dip with friends)

(thanksgiving.  It's my favorite holiday - good food with loved ones.  What's not to love?)

(my birthday.  I mean, I think I enjoy it.  I do love birthdays...)

Note: I refuse to put Halloween on here.  While I must admit, I often have a fun evening, the anxiety of putting a costume together often overtakes me.  Also, I am not a fan of holidays that dictate I have fun.  I have fun all the time and it's too much pressure.

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