Monday, September 9, 2013

on the road: Birmingham (and beyond)

Hi friends! I'm on the road for another big work project and thought I'd share with you some photos and musings along the way.  It's a crazy trip lasting around five weeks with only six days back at home in Boston total.  I'm already a few weeks in, so thought it was high time a shared some of the places - check back over the month to see the cities unfold.  And while I can't share exactly what I'm doing, if you follow me on twitter (@arestiaR), you'll see me tweet out the videos to share when they're ready this coming fall into winter.

Our first stop started at the end of August with a trip to Birmingham, Alabama.  I had never been and it was a quick trip, but it was still great to be in the south for a tic.

 (there were hummingbirds everywhere and they were not easy to get in focus)

 (dog on set; this one is named Mama Dog. I'm toying with the idea of starting a timblr just called Dogs on Set - I have tons of pictures from over the years of production...)

 (watching/listening to an interview)

 (cicada shell - these were everywhere! And you could definitely hear them)

 (picture perfect setting)

 (drive, just outside of Birmingham)

(cool signage)

(delicious BBQ at the end of the day; more Carolina style-like (vinegar based sauce), but delicious)

I'm shooting on a Nikon D60 (it's a pretty serious camera; exception is that last one, which was on my iPhone) and it's been a while since I spent a lot of time shooting on it (you can tell by some of the focus).  But I've noticed I'm getting used to it again after about a week on it, so you'll notice the coming pictures start to get better!

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