Wednesday, September 4, 2013

unexpected travel: Iran in video

I always love hearing about the amazing places my globetrotting friends are off to and the surprising places they find they love, the friends they never thought they'd make and the beauty in it all.

Recently on my own travels, I caught up with my dear friend Sarah who is so globally minded, always wants what she does to matter to the world around her and has such insight into people and places.  She always gives me incredible energy while leaving me with something to think about.  We're always scheming about what we can cook up to travel and tell stories together and she shared this video on Iran.  I thought it was so incredibly moving and beautiful, I had to share with you all.  When all we hear about is the negative side of Iran on this side of the world, I loved seeing the softer and everyday side of a country rich in culture.  Enjoy!

Iran from Mandy Tay on Vimeo.

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