Friday, September 13, 2013

on the road: San Antonio, TX

I wrapped up the long leg of this travel with a few days in San Antonio.  It was HOT, but I enjoyed prickly pear margaritas, drives through the country while singing the theme from Friday Night Lights in my head and spending time with some amazing people (you'll see when you see the videos).

(hit the rental car jackpot when I was upgraded to this red mustang convertible)

 (can't you hear the Dillon Panthers cheering?)

 (my cousin from Houston always talks about how she loves "big sky"; I do, too)

 (Mike let me take his photo in this tobacco field- I think it looks like it could be a music album cover)

 (fearless DP)

(more dog friends - Penny & Iris!)

(kept up my running and ran by some cool stuff - including the Alamo!)

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