Wednesday, September 11, 2013

on the road: Park City/Salt Lake City

(trail run in Park City)

I spent eight days in Utah, the first few in Park City and the rest in Salt Lake City (and I'll be back to Park City again at the end of the trip!).  I hadn't ever been the Park City before and honestly, it kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies.  Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely lovely and beautiful, but Main Street kind of looked like something Walt Disney would have built, like when they were making it they said, "let's build this like an old mining town!" It didn't feel authentic, but I still really enjoyed it.  We also got to visit the Utah Olympic Park, built for the 2002 Salt Lake City games.  I HIGHLY recommend visiting that place if you ever get there.  Not only were the views beautiful, but the place is rad - we went ziplining!

(Main Street in Park City, taken from the roof of the No Name Saloon)

 (ski jumps - to the left if the big zipline!)

 (view from the Park)

 (our fearless crew - they are amazing)

(top of the jump - we ziplined down from here)

(another dog on set - say hi to Cooper!)

Onto Salt Lake City...we got to visit another Olympic place - the Utah Olympic Oval, which was where all the skating took place.  There is so much beauty in Utah, it was nice to shoot some stuff outside (and I've also been very good with my running, which is always a great way to explore some city and nature).

 (another dog on set - Milo!)

 (we needed to do some filming on ice and our grip had this sled dolly - genius!)

 (my trusty travel companion and coworker Mike - I always have to take one obligatory model shot of him)

 (beautiful location - I had to get one artsy shot)
(the whole gang!)

 (got in a few local brews - cheers, Utah!)

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