Wednesday, July 7, 2010

let them eat sweets

People always say they pack on the pounds in the winter.  I am the exact opposite.  All I really eat in the winter is soup, but when summer comes around, all I want are pastries, ice cream and anything sweet and delicious.  My roommate brought home an apple pie last night and I almost dove into it right then and there.  Perhaps it's all the wonderful fruit that can magically transform into a lovely dessert?  Or it's the romantic in me that wants everything to be simple and lovely and what is more perfect than enjoying a little treat on a warm summer night rooftop?  I can think of nothing else I'd rather do these days.  This apricot tart and berry panna cotta (click on links for recipes) pictured above from La Tartine Gourmande make me want to drop everything and seek out sweets in Boston (not cook them.  My kitchen is currently 95 degrees).  Perhaps I will forage.
(cupcakes at Sweet in Back Bay)
(Eldo Cake House in Chinatown)
(can't forget cannollis at Modern Pastry in the North End)

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  1. Last night I brought pie, tonight I'm bringing cupcakes. Obviously I fully support the summer sweet tooth!