Friday, July 2, 2010

weekend trip: provincetown

Confession: I have never been to Ptown.  Correction: had.  I have always been more of a North Shore kind of gal, but had always wanted to visit the infamous Provincetown.  I got my chance this past weekend!  My friend (and new roommate!) Brian invited me down to the Cape last Saturday and we spent the day there walking, checking out cute shops, exploring and of course, eating.  It was charming and we had a grand time.  How can you not in a seaside town?  Let me show you:

(the whole crew ready to roll.  I was concerned about my dirty hair and outfit, and then I remembered no one would be looking at me)
(loved all the charming seaside homes.  this one used to be a lighthouse!)
(had to snap this pic, of course)
(thought this was a bit whimsical)
(steamers and iced tea - a summer must)
(I died over this porch.  Look at that weathered flooring)
(chilling on the deck at Tea Dance)

Plenty of more weekend trips coming up!

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