Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesdays with...interior designer Jonathan Adler

I was walking home on Newbury about 9 months ago, when I spotted a store, tucked away, but bursting with color.  I had walked this same way 100s of times, yet for the first time, I saw this store.  I wandered in and the clerk greeted me.  "Are you the owner of this place?" I dreamily asked.  She was taken aback.  "No, ma'am," she said after a second.  "This is Jonathan Adler's store."  The only reply I could muster was, "Well, you should tell him it's fantastic."  She laughed.  Now, I know why.  Since that day, Jonathan Adler has been all over my radar and seems to show up everywhere.  It seems this man as taken the interior design world by storm not only with his great interior design perfection, but actually with his own stuff - stylish pottery, retro prints and infamous faux bamboo furniture.  And while I've never met him, I felt like I knew him after reading his hilarious and honest manifesto.  Now if only I could afford all of his fun and wonderful pieces...

Now let's put it all together....
(a private home in New York)
(the all-Adler designed Parker Hotel in Palm Springs)
(Boston's own Urban Showcase)


  1. This obviously means we need to rewatch Jonathan Adler as the head judge on Bravo's Top Design. Don't worry, I have Season 1 on my computer.

  2. I really like this post. I really enjoyed reading it, thanks for posting it on the blog...