Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tuesdays with...costume designer Mona May

Allow me to take a moment to gush - Mona May is iconic.  The be all and end all costume designer for girl power movies, Mona has a serious "It" factor.  You don't even realize you've seen dozens of movies where her fabulous costumes made their mark.  Her break out work that put her on the map was Clueless.  Every girl wanted a white Calvin Klein dress, plaid mini skirt with matching jacket and fuzzy pens (Mona's idea!).  Boy, was she a trend setter or what?  Since then, her resume exploded.  A FIDM graduate, Mona loves hats, fingerless gloves, feathers and anything with a sizzle factor.  I decided to write about her today because a friend from LA and I were talking about how utterly fabulous she is.  I have had the priviledge of working on two movies with her - The House Bunny and the yet to be released The Zookeeper.  Everyone on and off set wants to be Mona's friend.  Her spirit is infectious, her passion is endless, she works hard and plays hard.  I am so lucky to know her and have great memories working with her.  Even when we're out, Mona will talk to anyone and she turns heads - everyone notices there is something special about this woman.  Come back to me in Boston, Mona! 
(Clueless: maybe I'll wear knee socks again...)
(A Night at the Roxbury: this wardrobe was hilarious)
 (Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion: sparkly and fun!)
(Enchanted: perfect princess)
(The House Bunny: each girl had a signature style)

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