Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesdays with...a local photographer*

I first met local photographer Dominick Reuter when I was in college through some friends.  I'll admit, my first impression of him was, "who invited the cute boy to the party and someone better introduce him to me quick."  But, overtime as I got to know him, I came to appreciate his passion for the world around him and hunger to document time and emotion.  He was vital in my own inspiration to rebrand the college soap opera I was producing, overhauling our own image of the characters for the new season marketing by becoming our resident still photographer.   Now, Dominick works for Boston University, working in the photolab and photographing hockey games and events for the school.  But that's just his day job.  Dom is a storyteller and believes in the power of photography, from documentary photojournalism, weddings, portraits, multimedia and action sports.  Below are a few of my favorites, but check out his website.

(from a trip to Uganda)
(construction workers in Manhattan)
(go BU!)
(naturally I am drawn to this sailing shot)
(Dom's lovely girlfriend Leah in a fallen tree in Rhode Island)

*Yes, I know it's Thursday, but I have been tres busy with work and life!
*Images courtesy of Reuter Photography & Brooks Canaday

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