Thursday, June 17, 2010

buzz on over to Allandale Farm

If you've seen the cover of Edible Boston this month, you'll see the shining face of my long-time friend Wendy Mainardi on the cover!  Over a year ago, Wendy began learning how to keep bees and if you read the full article, you'll read all about the journey it took for her to become a full fledged beekeeper.  It's completely fascinating and truly inspiring.  And look at what hard work can yield:

Wendy works out at Allandale Farm, Boston's only working farm, along with her partner, Farmer Jim Buckle.  It's pretty great out there and I must admit, I am envious of their farm life.  I visited Wendy out there last summer and she promptly introduced me to her new goat.  I plan on getting out there again soon, and you should, too!  It's beautiful and they have a delightful farmstand.
Allandale Farm
259 Allandale Road
Brookline, MA  02467


  1. In the "perfect timing" category... BU just posted a story about the BU Beekeepers Club!

  2. How funny- I went to school at the Apple Orchard for a couple of years. I actually remember the farm well. Too funny!