Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a walk around somerville

My current contract renders my commute to Somerville, MA just outside of Boston.  Now, I am not really a fan and deam it "Slummerville" like the rest of us snobby Bostonians on the otherside of the river.  I found it to have no charm, parking was a pain and it was too far for anything to be worth my time to even want to stick around.  But if you promise not to tell anyone, since starting this contract in February, it seems to be growing on me; just a bit.  Sure there are cute shops like The Boston Shaker and favorite haunts like Redbones, but I've discovered new favorites like Dave's Fresh Pasta and the back bar at The Rosebud.   My business parking permit is in Porter, so I park there and walk the 10 minutes to work in Davis Square.  My once sweeping eye now notices cute homes that were probably built when the Ford plant came to Somerville in the '20s.  There are some cute gardens and the neighborhood feels, well, homey.

I'll probably never move here, but I am learning to appreciate this neighborhood a bit more...
(a neighborhood favorite beautifies itself with greenery for the summer)
(any town with a farmer's market gets a point from me)
(on my walk to work, I discovered Eddie's Furniture.  I've spotted great redone furniture here from a yellow dresser to die for to a recovered chair in a banging ikat print)
(and now, some pretty garden and home shots)

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  1. pictures are fab! they make me feel like i'm sailing across the charles on a sweet prudential center tack!