Thursday, June 10, 2010

dreaming green...

If I had it my way, my home would be full of maiden hair, window boxes would be colorful, a garden would be in my daily routine and various other plant projects would be the norm.  Unfortunately, my life and my apartment don't allow for such things.  Ok.  Fine.  I also kill everything I bring into my home.  Many an orchid and basil plant has suffered and died under my care.  My newest purchase is a succulant plant, not unlike these:
(With little water needed, I think I can handle this little guy)

If you have green dreams (and a knack for plants), head on over to Apartment Therapy's 7 Great Container Garden How-to's. You can even learn about making a summer salad window box for those in small spaces like myself.
Don't worry.  I will be merciful and not attempt. 

*photos courtesy of House to Home, House and Home & Apartment Therapy

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