Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tuesdays with...one of Boston's best chefs

I have had the pleasure of meeting famed Boston chef Lydia Shire twice.  The first was in passing when I was having a drink with my friend Maureen at Clio and she came in to chat up the bartender and servers. I noticed her ease and comfort and she seemed to just feel so at home.  I thought Boston was my town, but really, it's Lydia's.  My friend introduced us and she was quite warm.  The second time was at a Yelp Elite event at her restaurant Scampo at the Liberty Hotel, where I proceeded to gourge myself on all her brilliant food - Scampo is one of my most favorite restaurants in the whole city and is always a crowd pleaser.  The flavors are magnificent and I've never had a better steak tartare.  One would expect no less with titles Ms. Shire has earned like "America's Best Chef - Northeast," "Who's Who of Food & Beverage," "One of America's Top Ten Chefs" reported by Food & Wine Magazine and "One of America's Top Five Chefs" aknowledged by The James Beard Foundation.  She eventually took over famed Locke-Ober (which had once prohibited women in its dining room) to rave reviews before opening Scampo.  Now, Ms. Shire seems to be at it again opening Towne Stove & Spirits this July on Boylston Street, adjacent to the Prudential Center, with Jasper White.  Can't wait to get fancy and enjoy some tasty delights!

(Scampo's outdoor summer patio)
(one of the banquet rooms at Locke-Ober - such elegance!)
(Yvonne's Library at Locke-Ober)
(My friend Tatsu took some shots at a Towne preview event)
(excited to put one of these lobster popovers in my mouth soon!)

 *images courtesy of Scampo, Locke-Ober and Tatsu Ikeda

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