Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesdays with...a hostess

My dear friend Leighann is what we call "the hostess with the mostess."  As Yelp Boston's Community Manager, she plans huge monthly events from red carpet galas to beautiful brunches, boat cruises to garden parties.  She always makes sure to introduce herself to new members and learn a little about them and will always take a moment to catch up with old friends.   Leighann emails the community weekly with themed emails on what's hot in Boston from where to find the best mac and cheese to spots to eat outside when the weather's warm.  And this gal is all over the city, networking, showing up to unofficial events other yelpers plan when she can, going to restaurant openings, always knows what's happening and where to be and writes reviews the whole way (over 700 reviews and counting!).  You'd be hard pressed to find a Bostonian who doesn't know all about Ms. Leighann. 

But much more than a nice gal who knows how to plan a party, Leighann has STYLE.  She was featured in Boldfacers Stylemakers Pop Up Store because Leighann's style is unique and fresh.  Dressed up or dressed down, she always looks like something out of years passed, but still keeps it funky.  And it suits her perfectly and she wears clothes so well because she's just being herself!  Whether it's vintage or a hot new item, the girl can DRESS.

Here's to you Leighann.  You've got style, beauty, brains and class and you keep Boston fun.  Let's order another round of cocktails.

*Images courtesy of Leighann, Tyler Cheung, Tatsu Ikeda, Todd Lee Photography, Lara Callahan & moi.


  1. Leighann is pretty spectacular - it's a fact.


    Also didn't know you had a blog. Must do some reading this weekend! Thanks for sharing girl.

    And I agree. Leighann is phenomenal!

    Roni E.