Monday, June 21, 2010

Fins Up!

Jimmy Buffett rolled into Massachusetts this past weekend and with it, all the crazy parrotheads.  Have you ever been to a Jimmy Buffett concert?  I had never before and let me tell you - it's a complete circus and so much fun.  There are games, fan fare and characters galore - we even saw a bus turned into a pirate ship!  But let me tell you about some of the outfits that came out to play.  As inspired by Jamie Meares's Bonnaroo Stylez post over at ISuwanne, I bring you some attempted fashion in the heat:
(how cute are these board shorts?)
(love the silk screen detail on this tank)
(this bikini top is perfect as is the outfit this gal rocked)
(her shirt says "hot mess"!  and the ice cream is melting! get it?!)
(check out a couple of the sun hats filled with beachy tchotchkes)

(and let's not forget the mens that pulled out the stops)
(loved this lobster ski shot. he's a mainer, naturally!)
(I found Capt. Jack Sparrow!)
(and the bad.  seriously, allow me this moment to be catty and just say - wtf)
(all in all, a lovely day, taking a small vacation to Margaritaville)

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