Thursday, June 24, 2010

follow me to Ted Baker...?

Ted Baker moved in from the UK on Newbury Street this past year where my roommate and I proceeded to do some serious damage for our spring wardrobe.  Much to my fashionable delight and financial dismay, I got an email saying there sale is about to happen at the Boston store and might I like to come to their invite only presale?  Curses, Ted Baker!  I am trying to save money!  Yet your beautiful store with fairly decently priced fashionable couture draws me in!  What's a girl to do...?
(scene of the crime)
(my roommate purchased this number and looks KILLER in it.  it looks like it was made for her)
(any girl would look darling in this cocktail tuxedo skirt)
(perfect little spring or fall jacket)
(fab print)
(how fun is this?)
(I could take this tank anywhere)
(another roommate to die for purchase)
(i tried this skirt on 3 times...must resist...)